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Easy Blocks for Gutenberg is Editor Blocks based on Gutenberg Editor Plugin.

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All Blocks at a glance

Alert / Notification

Create colorful alert or notification with different type. Use dismissable option when need.
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Call to action

For marketing purpose CTA is important. It plays a vital role to grab lead from a landing page.
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Title & Subtitle

Making a subtitle under main title is necessary sometimes. Use the block and put anywhere in Gutenberg page editor.
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Easily add accordion in your pages with the block. Change the background or text color with the help of color picker.

Animate Counter

Put countdown timer in your offer or sales page with this block. Manually insert date and time and hit the publish button.

Logo Slider

Logo Slider used to add partner’s or clients logo in your website. Upload multiple logos and update your page.

Facebook Like Block

Social awerness is necessary for branding. Promote your Facebook page to increase like and comments and be popular.

Click to Tweet

This system allow you to highlight some content which allow audience to tweet. Visitor can tweet without leaving your website.
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Banner Ads

Configure advertising system with this block. It’s not dianamic so You have do do it manually in all page where you like to add.


This allow you to mention Quotes with Name. Change icon or text color with the help of color picker.
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In the web world “card” used to height a special part of any web page with image and content.
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Author Box

Author box is a most wanted feature for blogger. Because, audience always loke to see behind the person of a blog post.

Testimonial Slider

This Testimonial slider block allow you to add multiple Testimonial. These will be slide one by one by default.
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Hero Image

Hero image get attension of audiense. Write down all necessary details and you will see a great output.

Related Posts

Just add this block anywhere in your webpage and select the query. It will showcase best matching posts by default.

Social Share

Allow your audience to share post or pages by one click. Figure out the best position to put this block in your website and publish.

Maps Location

Add the physical address for your business with this exact maps location feature. It’s necessary for shop business.

Google Maps(GMap)

Showcase Google map in your website or contact page with this block. It’s helpful to show location direction.

Image and Content

Place image and content in a single row by this block. Align the image into left or right as you need.
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It’s easy to add Testimonials in any page or post. Just add the block and write down testimonial content.
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If you like to showcase Team member in your page then this block is for you. Service provider always need this block.

GDPR Conscent

It’s a single testimonial block. Use this block to arrange client or user feedback in web pages. We recommend using Photo.

Blog Grid

Showcase desired categories blog post in a grid system. It’s necessary to arrange magazine site homepage.

Team Slider

Just like team section. But you have to put multiple Team member here to get best sliding output. Change style from block setting.

Number Block

People like to see how much download or purchased made of product. You can show total download with this block.

Instagram Block

Add Instagram posts in your website. Instagram lover need this block to increase follower.

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